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Can-Am M1
The Can-Am M1
Above: The Can-Am M1

Designed and built by Autotune in 1991 the Can-Am is a replica of the famous McLaren M1B or M1C Sports Racing Cars campaigned in the mid 1960's throughout the United States and Canada.
Autotune have long been racing and preparing original McLaren Can-Am cars, and when a series was announced in England for replicas of pre-1966 sports racing cars it seemed natural to produce a replica along the lines of the
McLaren M1B or M1C.
The chassis is a steel spaceframe, skinned in NS4 Aluminium, very similar to the original Can-Am, design albeit using square section instead of round, the chassis is an extremely rigid, lightweight structure.
The Can-Am M1 Road Car
Above: The Can-Am M1 Road Car
The suspension features a fully rose jointed double wishbone configuration at the front, using Jaguar XJ6 uprights and a selection of braking options depending on budget. At the rear twin radius arms, reversed lower wishbone and top link locate a purpose made Cast Aluminium upright using a Ford 4x4 or Cosworth hub. Brakes are again varied, depending on budget.
Although designed by Autotune, the full suspension geometry was thoroughly checked and verified by former Chevron and more recently Reynard designer Paul Brown, whose successful designs have included F1, Indy, and Le Mans Cars.
Engine and Transaxle Options
The chassis was designed in order to accept a variety of engines, the most popular choice being the Chevrolet V8 small block, other engines fitted have included the Rover/Buick V8. Transaxle choice depends very much on budget, ranging from the expensive and scarce Hewland DG 300 through the various ZF versions to the cheaper Porsche G50 and Renault 30 designs. All have been fitted and have performed well in their particular use.
Racing the Can-Am M1
Above: Racing the Can-Am M1
Bodyshell Options
Two types of bodywork configuration are available, either the M1B or M1C tail sections must be specified when ordering a Can-Am.
Kit Contents
The Kit can be purchased in various stages right through from a bare chassis and suspension package to a fully assembled race car.
Road Use
Although designed as a race car, one Can-Am was built up to full road car specifications, including the fitment of lights, handbrake and extra instrumentation, etc.
Can-Am M1 Steel Chassis
Above: Can-Am M1 Steel Chassis
Track Record
The design has proven itself on the circuit with good results in the BRSCC Replicar series, and also in the 750 Motor Club Supersports Series.
Can-Am M1
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