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welcome to autotune
Autotune is a small family run business specialising in all types of Sporting and Historic Cars. Established in 1969 by Anthony and Carolyn Taylor, then joined in 1999 by son Richard, the firm specialises in both the production of high quality replica sports cars, and the maintenance and preparation of Historic Racing cars. Individual marques whose cars Autotune specialise in include Jaguar and McLaren.
In 1983, after many years of race car preparation and high performance road car tuning, the company decided to become a car manufacturer in its own right and produced the Aristocat, a replica of the wonderful Jaguar XK series. This was followed in 1987 by the Gemini, a small and fun two seater based on the bodyshape of the 1950's Elva. Another model, the Can-Am M1, was introduced in 1991 and is a replica of the 1966 McLaren M1.
Classic Aristocat Sports Car
Above: Classic Aristocat Sports Car
The McLaren M6B. Photo by Jeff Bloxham
Above: The McLaren M6B. Photo by Jeff Bloxham
Autotune has now established itself as one of the most well known and trusted Kit Car Manufacturers in the UK and examples of our cars have been exported as far afield as Kenya, Russia and New Zealand
Alongside the replica production, Autotune continue to maintain and prepare all sorts of Classic Cars and Historic Racing Cars for clients who come from all over the world. Any visit to the workshop will always find some sort of exotic vehicle being prepared for various events. The McLaren theme has led to various spares being made available to the Historic or Vintage McLaren racer, including bodywork and suspension components.
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