Autotune enjoyed another successful outing at the Goodwood Revival this year.

Having received two invites for the Chinook Mk2s as in previous years we were surprised when an invite arrived for our own McLaren M1B just a few weeks before the event. With the car still sitting as a bare chassi with the rebuild barely started, a huge task was in front of us ! In just four weeks, with little (or at times no) sleep the car was assembled and loaded into the truck along with the two Chinooks.

With Ray Boissoneau unable to attend, his silver Chinook was driven by a good friend of Autotune, Andrew Wareing. The previous Goodwood winner and runner up Jay Esterer was back for more with his Chinook Mk2 and Autotune MD Anthony Taylor was in the hot seat of the freshly rebuilt McLaren.

After a very busy qualifying with red flag disruptions and lots of traffic Jay found himself in 5th on the grid, whilst Andrew played himself in with the other Chinook, and Anthony was simply pleased to just get a full untroubled session out of the very un-tested McLaren!

Come the race and Jay climbed up to third before being spun out by a tap from an errant Lola T70 but undeterred he pressed on to a 4th place finish, which eventually became 3rd after another competitor was penalised. During the early laps before the collision Jay did record the fastest lap of the race, this also turned out to be the fastest lap of the weekend, which resulted in a lovely trophy and a fabulous bottle of champagne which was enjoyed by the whole team !!

Andrew lapped quicker and quicker in the silver Chinook, eventually getting the car below its previous best at the Goodwood circuit and Anthony brought the McLaren home after a steady drive in the very ‘new’ car !!

Anthony in the freshly restored McLaren M1B
The two Chinook Mk2s in the Paddock