Historic Race Car Services

Alongside all the McLaren Historic race car work, Autotune also carry out restoration, maintenance, and repairs to all other marques of Historic race cars.  Cars restored and prepared here have enjoyed race victories at Goodwood and championship success in HSCC events spanning over 40 years.    

Historic Race Car Restoration

Historic race cars restored from bare chassis upwards to period correct specifications and complying with FIA HTP requirements. 

  • Recent Restorations have included:  
  • Chevron B24 Formula 5000
  • March 725 Formula 5000
  • Maki F101C Formula One
  • Avallone A11 Can-Am
  • Chinook Mk2 and Mk5 Can-Am
  • March 75S Sports Prototype
  • Falcon Competition Mk3

Historic Racing Repairs

Repairs carried out on spaceframe or monocoque chassis, suspension components and GRP bodywork.

Examples of recent repair work:

  • Lola T70 Aston Martin Le Mans monocoque repairs
  • McRae GM1 Formula 5000 monocoque repairs

Historic Racing Spares

Various obsolete and rare racing car parts are stocked or re-made entirely in our fabrication shop. 

Examples of replacement parts:

  • Chevrolet to Hewland or ZF bellhousings
  • Rover/Buick/Olds to Hewland or ZF bellhousings
  • Upper mount ZF lids
  • Replacement March wishbone fabrication

Check out our For Sale pages to see examples of our stock of rare Historic Racing Car parts gathered over our 50 years in the trade.

Racing Cars

Historic Racing Car restoration and spares, specialising in McLaren Can-Am and F5000 cars’

Classically Styled
Sports Cars

Classically Styled Component Form Sports Cars including the highly acclaimed Aristocat